Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lets get out there and fritter!!

Last night, when I went to bed, I had a plan for today. Said plan was to sleep in, do some laundry, tidy and vacuum my home, do some personal book keeping activities, complete some homework and take Jasmine (my dog) out for a long walk in the sunshine that we are so very blessed to be having today.


So far (and yes, it's only 8:27 in the morning) I have accomplished exactly none of that. Jasmine has been having some "gastrointestinal issues" so I was awake around 2 this morning to let her out and then again at the first light of dawn. If you are interested, this morning that was around 5:30 AM in Comox, BC.

OK - so no sleep in.

Laundry has not been started, cleaning has not been started, vacuuming has not been started (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dyson Animal) and none of the other things I will end up doing have really been started either.

So what, exactly, HAVE I managed to complete this morning?

It hasn't been a complete loss - I have done some of my book keeping. I use Quicken (and am a dork when it comes to updates to it) and I have paid a bill online... erm... I tried (but did not succeed) to log into the NIC student bookstore to find out what books I need for the Distance Learning course I am taking there (Geology of Humans or something like that) and I looked at my "daily" websites to see what updates there are so far.

What I like about unplanned weekends is that it doesn't matter if plans go awry. There's still a whole day available to get everything done. I'll still get it all completed and maybe even more than I hope for, but the great thing about today is that I have nothing that I am obligated to do and nowhere that I am obligated to be. My weekend is my own to fritter away as I see fit.

Lets get out there and fritter!!

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ready.... Set.... uh....

OK, so as far as first posts go, this is probably pretty dismal... now that I have a basic personal forum set up, can I actually think of anything witty or important to say right off the bat?

Heck no!!

I do have a few personal "ground rules" for myself surrounding this blog:
1) I'll try and watch my spelling
2) I'll *try* not to use cuss words
3) I promise to be honest

Other than that, this is for my thoughts, some school assignments (more on that later) general commentary and things I find that I am just busting to share.

Have a great night & "talk" with you soon!