Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fresh, Sweet, Tart, Tasty, Ripe - FIGS

Fresh figs. I think there may be nothing tastier in the world at the moment than the sweet yet tart fig I just ate. I picked up four at the corner fruits and veg shop on my way back in from my first “alone shopping” in Paris. Back at the flat, I unpacked and put away what I’d bought, made a cup of tea, pulled out my Mille Feuille pastry and just ate one of the figs.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Love Paris in the Autumn!

After a leisurely breakfast, shower and pack up in Saint-Malo, I headed to the train station (early, as I like to be) and managed to change my train ticket so that, instead of arrival at the airport & having to slog all the way across the city on the metro, I was a mere 5-minute taxi ride from Megan & Greg’s home. Unable to call (my cell phone, despite ALL possible attempts, still refuses to co-operate with me in Europe) I arrived yesterday afternoon, a little earlier than anticipated.

Parisian Challenge 1: to locate the telephones and then figure out how to use them

For any travellers who may be interested, Gare Montparnasse does not appear to have any coin operated telephones. Come to think of it, I didn’t see any on the street corners today either when I was out, but this is about yesterday’s adventures. In light of this, I assumed (incorrectly) that my VISA card would work in the telephone. Nope. If travelling in Paris, one NEEDS to acquire a telephone card.

7.50 EU phone card in hand, I called Meg to let her know I had arrived. After some conversation we determined it would be least stressful for me to simply take a taxi over to her apartment building.


Again, information for any travellers considering Paris… taxi drivers here are, well, downright grumpy. I checked this with Meg after I arrived and no, it wasn’t just me - evidently they are ALL like that!

Having arrived so much earlier than anticipated, we had a bit of a visit and natter and then went out for a little walk to the local grocery and then the pastry shop to collect some bits for dinner and dessert.

Ok, I have to say it now



I have no idea how the French stay so small - I had a cream filled something or another when we got in, and then the most incredible piece of black forest cake in my life for dessert yesterdaytoday I had another pastry confection filled with cream… I think I may have to move here JUST for the desserts.

We took it very easy this morning - a long lay-in and putter around the flat, and then a quick outing for lunch and a brief show to where some of the shops are so that tomorrow I can venture forth and maybe do a little shopping. Meg has a day of required activities and appointments, and so I will take the opportunity to explore with my camera (eat more pastry) and then perhaps do a little shopping.

Having acquired everything on myneed itlist while in Jersey, now I can putter around and look at gifts for those back home, perhaps a new handbag for me and, of course, candy, biscuits, wine and other such items to come home with.

With love across the water!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And Oh, What a Week it Has Been!

I have been having the most wonderful of weeks catching up with friends, shopping and just generally relaxing. It’s been pretty blissful! Friday I had another visit with my former landlords, lunch with another friend and then drinks that took me until time for sleeping. Yesterday (Saturday) I had nothing huge planned… a casual lunch with friends and then, to be honest, I had to start thinking about packing.

Most of the packing done I had a light dinner and then, to my happy surprise, some friends showed up at the hotel to have a goodbye drink with me! Yay! I kept the intake to a reasonable amount last night and woke this morning without a headache OR a tummy ache… showered and breakfasted, I’m all packed up and ready for today.

Today’s adventures include Sunday lunch with friends here in Jersey followed up with visiting… then I head over to the ferry terminal and prep for my return ride to Saint-Malo. I have been watching the weather forecasts this week with a vast amount of interest (as I really do not want a repeat of the ride in) and today’s shipping forecast is for slight seas.

I really must find out what the terminology means. Evidently the seas can be anywhere from calm to mild to slight and then rough has a number of definitions… moderately rough, rough, and very rough. I’m assuming it has something to do with the size of the waves, but honestly, as long as I make it across and the ride isn’t as jostly or bumpy as the ride in was, well, I’ll be happy!

I have, though, just in case, bought anti-nausea medication to be taken 2 hours before sailing…

Tonight I am overnight in Saint-Malo again and then tomorrow I start back off to Paris.

With love across the waters!!