Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rainbows and Ladybugs

When I left for work this morning, I asked the universe (as I do on occasion) for something wonderful to come to me today. I didn't notice anything overly amazing while at work, but I have had a very interesting night tonight.
When I got home from work there was a lovely little ladybug sitting on my doorknob. I left her, in peace, where she was when I went into the house, but when I left again to take Jasmine for her walk, I shifted her safely to the plant right beside my door.

When I was walking Jasmine I saw a gorgeous full double rainbow.

Now... when i was drinking my tea this evening I started to wonder what these two things might mean - so i looked them up:
Ladybugs (or Ladybird beetles) are traditionally a sign of good luck, and wishes - the number of spots on the ladybug you catch is supposed to represent how many days (or weeks/months/years depending on who you ask) till you get your wish. They eat aphids, so are a definite friend to gardeners and they represent helpfulness.

The rainbow is an ancient heraldic sign of peace, safe travel, and good luck. The rainbow has similar connotations of luck and peacefulness in many different cultures.
I think it safe to say that good luck, granted wishes, peace, and safe travel are in my future. I'll take it all, gratefully, and give thanks for promises made.