Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Quick Week

Last weekend, the Labour Day long weekend, I had Saturday booked off work (a rarity for me) and spent three absolutely glorious days at the cabin.  Jasmine and I arrived around 7:30 on Friday night and we were across, unloaded and into the cabin just a smidge after dark.

As you know from my last post, by the time I headed for the cabin, I still didn’t have my results from my IFC exam back (I have now, more on that later) and so planned to spend my whole weekend drinking copious amounts of cider and reading as many trashy books as I could in the course of three full days off. Planning a technology-free weekend, I left all forms of communication with the outside world at home.  The netbook on purpose, the cell phone accidentally.  I needed the cell phone.  Oh well!

Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny and (with breakfast in my belly) I got the chairs out and sat on the deck for some sunshine and reading of the aforementioned trashy books.  Saturday afternoon was the last salmon smoke of the summer and family had been arriving since Thursday night.  Mum and Dad arrived around 12:30, Rob, Carrie and Finn a little after that.  It was their (Rob, Carrie and Finn, I mean) first major outing EVER and what an outing it was!  When all was said and done, there were more than 30 family members there!

Finn was a total trooper (as were Rob and Carrie!!) and he handled the noise and many new people like a dream.

I, as per my usual modus operandi, ended up with sunburn.

UNLIKE my usual modus operandi, this one was on my legs AND has morphed into a half decent tan!

Sunday dawned clear and sunny as well, and Sunday morning Jasmine met me on the deck for reading:

Monday, also sunny and clear (what an AWESOME weekend!) I packed up and came home with the high tide (around 2:00 PM) and, once home, gave Jasmine a bath, had a shower myself and then started laundry.  I logged into the computer and……. No results yet.


Tuesday morning I got into the office and, having checked at home, still had no results. At around 9:15 I had an instant message from the other staff member who wrote telling me that her results had just been posted and she passed… I logged in and checked and, YES, I passed!

Woo hoo!

Being a short week, things have been busy in the branch and the time has been passing relatively quickly.

On Tuesday my (former) crush was in the branch while I was on lunch.  One of my co-workers came back to tell me. I didn’t bother getting up to go look.  I’m actually quite proud of myself for that one!

On Wednesday the townhouse was shown to 4 different sets of prospective renters and, application approved, they have a new tenant set up for October 1st so there are now no more showings need to be planned for or worried about!

Thursday, yesterday, was Nephew day.  I headed down to Nanaimo early on in the day and spent until about 2:00 PM with Finn and Carrie.  It was a good visit for me and Carrie, but Finn was a little fussy – we think it is the heat…. It has heated up here – over 30*C yesterday and today (with the humidity) and though yesterday I had to actually drag out the AC unit, today it has been breezy and I don’t think I will have to have it on tonight in order to sleep.

Today I spent my day puttering.  I have made some headway with contacting utilities to have things switched over and have arranged for my local construction guys to come out next Friday to provide an estimate on replacement of the toilet and hot water tank. I won’t actually be able to have the work done until after I take possession of the house (liability issues) but the estimate on that is most important at this stage as I am trying to plan out the money I have to finish this stuff off.  I have opened an account at the local Slegg Lumber office and so will be able to purchase the hot water tank and toilet (and new door) on account and pay it all off later on.

Since it has been WAY too hot to run Jasmine today, we went for a short walk up at the park this afternoon… I’m hopeful I can get out for a bike ride first thing tomorrow morning with her, but that will really and truly depend on what the winds do tonight.  If they stay coming out of the north overnight, things may cool down enough to keep the bike ride safe temperature-wise.  If they die off, we will be doing another short walk.  Poor mutt – not getting enough exercise!

Well, I should close this update off – I have promised myself that I will update my "to do" list, pack at least 2 boxes, and go through my closets and clear out the “not keeping” stuff to ready it for donation…

And I might just do a drive-by at Dairy Queen – it *is* very warm tonight…

With love across the waters,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting...

Yup... still waiting for my exam results and still hopeful I passed and therefore don't have to re-write the darn thing.... 

I thought about this almost not at all this weekend - the weather was wonderful, the cabin was awesome and the relaxation was desperately needed.

Now that I am back to work, well, I just want the (positive) results to be there!

So for now, I am waiting, waiting, waiting...