Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cougars and Kitties and Bike Rides

Last night, just before bed, I was surfing through Facebook (yes, it is a bad habit) and saw that Currently Cumberland (my village’s little newspaper) had posted a village safety notice: A cougar had been spotted yesterday evening and disappeared into the bushes behind the houses… since I haven’t been here that long, I needed to look up where it was.  Thankfully it was on the other side of the village – but since the village is small, well, cougar sightings are something to take to heart and pay attention to.

I promptly did some Cougar Safety research and determined that I really and truly do NOT want to see one up close and personal – either in my back yard OR while out riding my bike.  Thankfully, Environment Canada notes that sightings are rate and attacks on humans even rarer that that.  I’m still not going to go looking for trouble, thank you VERY much!

This in mind, I decided that yes, I would still go for my planned bike ride with Jasmine this morning – just a teensy bit later to make absolutely certain full daylight was upon us. It wasn’t a glorious sunny morning this morning – overcast and a little humid in preparation for the forecast rain we are to get today – but it was cool and crisp. The trees are in full push for pollen and the air smells like honey dust. 

Home again, I fed Jasmine and took the garbage out to the curb in preparation for the wonderful waste removal people to take care of today on my way back into the kitchen to make my lunch,  I saw this through one of my windows:

Missy enjoying some early-morning fence-sitting time

I guess that when I get around to replacing my back-yard fences, I’ll need to make certain that there are suitable kitty-sitting spots available…

With love across the waters,