Friday, May 28, 2010

Next Stop… Powell River?

This past week has been a very interesting one in my world. I recently re-joined the company I have worked for almost all of my adult life, and have been undergoing a training program these past few weeks. It’s been interesting and, dare I admit it…? Yes - exciting.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a job posting over in Powell River for a managerial position – one I would like to have… but didn’t think to bother applying for it because I have only been back with the company for a mere 4 weeks.

Wednesday of this last week my manager approached me to tell me about the posting and let me know that, if I was interested in applying for it, she would not only support my choice, but be willing to call the regional Vice President on my behalf and see what his thoughts on this idea were.

I was last in Powell River in the 80’s, I think, attending a track meet my brother was participating in. Long story short there, we walked on the ferry, walked off, got lost & missed Rob’s events. I remember being lost and on foot in the hot summer sun, but not much else.

OK, I admit it, I didn’t need to think long about it before deciding that yes, I *do* want the job. I indicated my desire and my manager called the RVP who was supportive of the choice and “invited” me to apply for the role. My manager was told that there were some internal applicants already, a strong possibility in the mix as well – but hey, if you never try you never succeed, right?

Wednesday night I came home, completed my application and submitted it around 9 that night. Around 10 yesterday morning my manager had a call from the person doing the hire over in Powell River…
Today, I was over for an interview.


Yes, this moved fast. I am a good candidate and I think I have a decent shot at the job… I will find out what the outcome is toward the end of next week… if I get the job, Jasmine and I will be relocating to Powell River – probably in June!

This will mean a funded relocation, full time work for a company that is WONDERFUL to work for (after 18 years, 7 months, believe me, I know it’s a great place to work!) and that I can, once again, own my own home.

I’m putting on my manifestation hat… positive news is on the way!

Wish me luck!

Heaven on Earth... according to me

Pipers' Lagoon... what can I say - it's my own personal version of Heaven on Earth. Childhood summers spent with my grandparents at "the cabin" were the best! Playing on the beach and in the water almost all day long... falling asleep in the top bunk (I *am* the oldest, after all) and waking up early mornings filled with excitement... the stuff that dreams are made of.

As I have aged, the meaning of the place has changed for me - now, it's a retreat from the rest of the world. Quiet and surrounded by family all summer, I feel like I have no masks, and don't have to "be" anyone other than the elemental me.

Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend were down for an overnighter and I took Jasmine down for an afternoon - mostly to see how she would be walking across (result - not good) and how she would be in the rowboat (result GREAT.) Tests passed, I decided to pack some stuff and make the trek down for a couple of nights this past weekend.

Saturday afternoon, with the high-ish tide, Jasmine and I arrive on the beach. I receive help down with the boat from one of my cousins (thanks Dave!) and I unload the car. Boat ready, I unload Jasmine from the car and load her into the boat.

Rowing across wasn't as bad as it could have been - but she was so terribly interested in everything that was going on that she did a lot of side changing. Telling a dog not to rock the boat is a bit moot. We didn't go overboard and arrived mostly dry on the cabin side and I unhooked her leash, unloaded the boat and opened the cabin for the weekend.

Saturday night was GLORIOUS - bright, warm sunshine, loads of cousins on the beach, cold cider and warm laughter made for a lovely start to my long weekend.

After a MARVELLOUS sleep (I usually sleep like the dead down there) on Sunday morning we were up relatively early - breakfast eaten, coffee made & hot, I sat in the kitchen window and watched things quietly wake up. Well, except the Canada Geese. They did not quietly wake up. I swear - one sounded just like a car alarm! Jasmine was fascinated!

My cousin Grady was the only other person awake on the beach at the time & he came by & we shared a cup of coffee and some good conversation. One of the things I love best about Lagoon is that I am able to catch up with my family - of all ages. Grady's finished high school & working on his apprenticeship - finding the same difficulties I remember having when i was fresh out of school - people only want to hire those with experience. I am still frustrated by this challenge - how are the young supposed to GET experience if we don't hire them?

Skies overcast, Jasmine and I took a little outside time while the tide was out. Jasmine is in season right now, so while the tide was out, she could be outside but had to be tied. Not a great trauma for her - she picked a spot, planted herself, and watched things happen all over.

Sunday rained for most of the day - not a problem though - the wood stove works like a charm!

Monday afternoon we closed up the cabin, rowed back across and, after some help back up the beach with the boat (thanks Glen!) we headed home. Lagoon is still and always my best place on earth.