Monday, February 27, 2012

Feng Shui Update: Springtime, Abundance & New Love

Today is the last day of my February vacation week – back to work tomorrow.  Typical to me, I came down with the dreaded “Holiday Head Cold” and so have “lost” two lovely sunny days of potential yard work. Feeling somewhat better today, I decided that a good thing for me to do, in spite of the lingering runny nose, was to get myself outside and start working on the back yard.

As mentioned, my friend Dave came by last weekend and cleared out all of the excess debris and crap that I had piled at the back of the yard.  Looking out there I decided that, since nature abhors a vacuum, I would move some more things that need to be removed to the back yard and fence line in order to have it all ready for the next bout of crap removal. 

Gloves and jacket on, I got Jasmine and we went out into the yard and began by pulling all of the leaves and grass that I had piled into the flower beds as mulch.  I know that the fact that it’s all been rotting in is a very good thing – the soil and seedlings have been pulling great nutrients out of it and that now is the time that it needs to all be pulled out so that the mysterious little plants coming up can be seen.  We’re still frosty and freezing overnight, but let’s face it - anything growing here has been here for a number of years now, survived a number of winters and is hearty enough to have soil laid bare for sunshine to warm it by now.

I have dragged all of the ugly statuary out, pulled off the Astroturf that was on the cement pad & piled up a few other things to have hauled away.  It’s not pretty, but it makes a great new obstacle course for Jasmine to run circles around when she gets a good case of the sillies. 

Now all I need is my BBQ...

NEW pile of twigs & brush.

MUCH smaller pile of crap - to be continued...
Mentally planning ahead, I also scoped out the space where I want to put my vegetable patch (next summer?) and am decided on where my herbs will be planted as well as finally decided on where my compost bin system will go. Can’t do much more than plan right now as I need more $$, more time off and longer warmer days – all of which are speeding their way to me.

Springtime seems (to me anyhow) to be the best example of Feng Shui and the law of abundance.  One of the first things learned when starting to delve into Feng Shui is cleaning up and de-cluttering.  Today’s foray into the back yard was all about that. Flower beds cleaned out, more dead branches culled (and more clutter removed and piled up for final removal) cleared way for the new green shoots that are pushing through the soil – loads of buds starting to come out on trees and shrubs, the smell of green in the air

Pushing forth into the world

I *think* these might be irises...

Totally uncertain what these are...

VERY interesting... again, NO idea whatsoever!!

Even the trees and shrubs are working on waking up

New life on my plum tree

I think that, how I feel right this second (looking at my yard and thinking of the smell of fresh earth) must be how my Mum feels in the spring when she looks at her yard... and how my Grannie felt every spring - I am in tune with the feeling of my own personal sap rising.

From a Feng Shui perspective, my yard is ready to pull in all sorts of abundant energy for me now… and, hopefully, more love energy too!

And speaking of love energy, this week I welcomed a new little bit of love into my world and home. She hasn’t got a name yet, but she’s making a place for herself. 

Jasmine and No Name Yet under my bed...
Jasmine trying REALLY hard to get up close and personal

No Name Yet... 
With love across the waters,