Sunday, August 14, 2016

Quiet Mornings

I was up at 6:30 this morning - to bake a birthday cake before the August heat kicks in for the day.  I laid out the ingredients last night so that I could get started right away in the cool of the early morning, and when I got up this morning I turned on the coffee and the oven and got myself started. 

I hope it turns out. I haven't actually made this recipe in years and I know I really liked it before, but the batter seemed really dry to me.  No milk in it, no water.  Very crumbly into the pan.  It looks good and smells even better now that it is out of the oven... I'll ice it later today with a light cream cheese icing and then pop it into the fridge to wait for tomorrow.

I hope it turned out!

I've also managed to get a load of laundry done and out onto the line and have another load in the washing machine... I feel like today has the earmarks of being productive, so I'm thinking out my list... I'd like to get into the front yard and clean up the flower beds a little - they are brutally overgrown and need to be cleaned up before the appraiser comes to look at the house. No, I'm not moving - just changing my mortgage to my new employer, and an appraisal needs to take place as part of the process.  

The front bed needs managing in any case, and I'm determined to get out there with pruning shears and the wheelbarrow... 

I think I mat need to make myself a list (you know how I love lists) of the things I think I may be able to accomplish today.  Tomorrow I'll be out of town for the day and so I'll do shopping and other bits on my way home.  

A list.

A list.

I love lists.

With love across the waters...