Friday, May 13, 2011

Feng Shui Updates…

Goodness!  I can’t believe my last post was on April 24th!  Holy smokes – it’s the 13th of May today and this is the first real chance I have had to actually sit down in front of my computer and catch-up with everything that has been happening in my world!

My last update was an update on progress I had been making with the back yard – hanging baskets, planters with shrubs, my herb garden and an update on Miss Jasmine’s spay!  So much has been happening since then that I think this may turn into either a very long update or a couple of smaller updates!

I have continued to progress where the back yard is concerned – the most recent (and *nearly* final) change has been to set up the small planter with sweet-peas on the side wall (complete with nearly invisible netting for them to climb as they grow) and to put in a clematis in front of the compost bin.

The clematis looks as though it is in a pot – which technically it is… but I actually cut the bottom off of the pot and filled the soil directly onto the ground in front of the compost bin as the soil in my back yard is very rock and root filled and somewhat like digging into concrete.  The pot offers the added bonus that Jasmine will also, hopefully, leave it alone.

I also went to the effort of getting the converters and so forth for my BBQ so that I now have a 20 gallon propane tank attached to it – this *should* last me for a good portion of the summer for BBQ’ing pleasure!

The herb garden is doing well:

 And I was even able to harvest some fresh herbs to put into my spaghetti sauce the other night – YUM.  I’m looking forward to someday having a yard which would afford me the space to have a much larger kitchen garden where I could grow more herbs as well as garlic, onions, corn, potatoes and other edibles.

The only thing I really have left on my list to do is to come home with a bistro set for the back yard – and I saw a cute and VERY inexpensive one just yesterday at the local Slegg Lumber – under $60.00 and perfect for the space!  That will be, I think, this payday’s allowance purchase!

The other thing I have finally come *nearly* full circle on is the home-office.  This past couple of weeks has seen me acquire a couple of plants, tidy some things away, re-arrange things and then today I stopped in at the Comox Valley ReStore (scroll to the bottom of the page for address information - I LOVE that place) and found an awesome shelf for the Prosperity zone – for five dollars.  Yes, that’s right – FIVE BUCKS! Here are a couple of shots of the recent changes and how my home office is now looking:

So the only items left to do in here are painting that damn door (which I still haven’t done) and putting some travel-related brochures into the Helpful People and Travel zone of the office.

Some time over the next couple of weeks I need to return the table I have been using as my desk to my brother, but the computer desk is still here and that will be a fairly small change – nothing will be thrown seriously “out of whack” with those changes.

Oh – and the orange tree I have in my bedroom (in my Prosperity zone) is blossoming BIG TIME – the blossoms smell gorgeous and I LOVE the feeling that the growth and abundance in that zone of my bedroom is giving off!  It is truly only a matter of time, now, until I have that permanent full-time job I am manifesting!

With love across the waters,