Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 2011 – gone in a flash!

The month of July has (Holy Smokes!) disappeared in a flash and we're now into August.  Gosh, there's so much that has been going on lately that it's going to be hard to sort all of my thoughts out to share them in a somewhat coherent manor.

I think I mentioned that on July 9th I interviewed for the posting in the branch – what I forgot to mention was that July 9th started out a little oddly for me.  When I was out riding my bike (at 6 in the morning) with Jasmine before work started that day, I was shat upon by an owl!

I had heard years ago that to be crapped on by a bird was considered to be good luck (something I honestly look upon with suspicion) but I have to tell you all that being crapped on by an owl is an experience that could really and truly be done without. 

First of all, it’s shocking.  There’s a lot of it and it’s big and you don’t actually expect it.  Especially at 6 in the morning! 

Second – it’s disgusting. I’ll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that having seen it up close and personal (and getting off my bike and dancing around it trying to get it OFF) it’s not an experience I need to have a second time.

On July 14th I was told that I had been awarded the posting – contingent on my getting my mutual finds (IFIC) license. I started studies immediately – thanks, very much, to a colleague who had just finished the course herself and very kindly loaned me her books.  I’m about half way through the materials (and have hit the mind-numbing part that requires much focus, dedication and determination to get through) and am on track to write my exam at the end of this month.

July 18th saw us welcome my gorgeous nephew into the world.  Finn Francis William English is THE most gorgeous little baby I have ever laid eyes on!

I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and the honour of being the first family member (outside of his Mummy and Daddy, of course) to hold him.  I went down to Nanaimo on the 24th to ready the cabin for my Uncle and Cousin’s annual trek over and got to spend a little cuddle time with Finn in both directions.

Finn was born with an enlarged frenulum of the tongue - that’s little fold of tissue that connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. It is actually a pretty common, from what I have now learned, and is very easily treated.  With Finn, it caused some initial nursing issues – he couldn’t “latch on” and therefore Rob & Carrie had to feed him for a few days using other methods.  When I arrived at Rob & Carrie’s place, Rob was feeding him with the aid of an apparatus that looked like a big upside down syringe and a small flexible tube.  After seeing the doctor & having it fixed, he’s nursing up a storm & both he AND his parents are starting to settle into a more comfortable pattern of life.

Once Rob finished with the feeding, he changed him and then, seated in the mama-san chair they have in the kitchen, I was handed my nephew.  My emotional reaction surprised me.  I got all verklempt and teary-eyed at the sight, feel and smell of this new little person in my arms. It’s hard to describe exactly what I feel when I hold him, but it’s a feeling that’s both amazing and inspiring to me.

Down to the cabin, I got things ready, and then back up for another very quick hello (and more cuddles) and then back home to finish my Sunday.

On Thursday the 28th, one of my best friends was here in town to hear a band – Miss Quincy.  If you ever have the chance to see them play, take advantage of it.  They’re a combination of (to my very uneducated ear) folksy-rockabilly-blues and a delight to see play.  Mitch and I had a good catch up – which for us usually involves a deep and sometimes difficult conversation, some laughter and general happiness to see each other and hang out.

Last weekend, the August long weekend (BC Day here,) I was able to spend a couple of nights at the cabin and had some good daylight hours spent in study.  I have told work that, since I really need the time to study, I am not going to be able to pick up any extra hours for the rest of the summer.  This will give me three non-working days a week to buckle down and really attack the material in front of me. I found the cabin to be a great place to be for study purposes as, since there is no electricity (other than what we can power with solar) there is no TV, computer or other easily accessed distractions available.  I think that I will take advantage of the “off days” to take my books down to the cabin & study there when possible.

Off today, I took the opportunity to head down to Nanaimo for the morning.  Being here in Comox, I’m not close enough to Rob & Carrie to really be of a lot of assistance, but I can commit to being down there for them at least once a week to give a hand, sit with Finn, bring in supplies and groceries as needed, or just to give Mummy and Daddy a small bit of a break.  Today I was able to allow Rob to putter outside for a little while when Carrie was napping, and then once Carrie was awake, she was able to get out of the house for a quick swim and some personal down time.

Finn and I were able to bond a little.  He was a sweet and wonderful little boy and a joy for me to hang out with.  We had some cuddle time, a little bouncy ball time - which involves the adult holding him sitting on a giant exercise ball and bouncing up and down.  He finds the motion soothing. He started to fuss a little and Rob came in and, once handed over, he quieted right up.  Rob headed back outside to putter and Finn had a little tummy time and a little back time looking at shapes and colours… and a little sleep time.  We had more cuddles and a couple of totally impressive burps that I don’t think I could top… there were also some hiccups in there (SO cute!)

As I skim this I can see I’m rambling and maybe not making a terrible lot of sense – but it was a really special day for me and one I hope to be able to repeat again soon. 

As most things go, though, I had to call a halt & come home.  The drive up was Ok – lots of sunshine and clear roads.  Once home, I got in the door and was sniffed and examined minutely.  No kidding – she started at one wrist and sniffed all the way up one arm, across and around my chest and then down the other arm.  Then Jasmine licked me once, very gently, as if to tell me that she approved of this little person smell that I had brought home on me.  Following some Jasmine cuddle time, I spent the rest of my day accomplishing a few little tasks here and there.

All right, time has crept away from me again, and I should put myself to bed and sleep – I have a full day of work ahead of me tomorrow and it promises to be a busy one.  I promise, more updates, more often…

With love across the waters,