Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dog Boots and Kite Flying

This past week I was talking with my brother about going down to the cabin on Sunday - but the tides were going to be out pretty much all day long and so, if Jasmine and I were to go we would need to walk across. The last time we walked across, Jasmine ended up with a couple of cuts on her feet so I decided I had best get her some booties for her feet in order to protect them from the oyster shells that are too numerous to count through the gap.

Friday night after work I headed to Bosley's to see what they had, and they didn’t have anything on hand that would be thick enough to protect her feet. The lovely clerk there told me that I might want to check out Valhalla – which I did. Arriving just after 5 PM, I was VERY grateful to find out they were open until 5:30 PM AND they had what I needed – some Vibram soled dog boots.!

If you are interested, they are called Bark & Boots Grip Tex and they are AMAZING! www.ruffwear.com is a good place to look & see what they are all about.

I put them on her that night and just about peed myself from laughing at how funny she looked prancing around the flat with them on. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have laughed, but my goodness – I dare you to try!

Sunday was a GLORIOUS day here on Vancouver Island – bright sunshine, lovely cool wind and that amazing feeling of freedom that only a day off will provide. We headed down to the cabin early in the day and found VERY low tides to greet us. Jasmine bounded across the gap – shoes protecting her feet from the shells – and had a MARVELLOUS time sniffing all of the low tide smells in the process.

When we got there, my brother and his girlfriend were on the deck having their morning tea & she was untangling a kite string. Wind like that begs for a kite to be flown and they had unearthed one from in the cabin somewhere (I didn’t know we even had one in there!) and tried first with the string and a stick. That didn’t work so well and so my brother decided to improvise with part of an old fishing rod and a broken reel. It worked like a charm! It pays to hang onto old stuff – you never know when an old broken fishing rod & reel will come in handy!!

Shoes off and drying in the sunshine are a common summer sight at the cabin – and so here are two sets of shoes – mine and Jasmine’s.

Sunburned face and forearms, Jasmine and I headed home. Happy and tired, another wonderful day spent at the Lagoon. Two days later I still have pink cheeks and am looking forward to my next trip back down to the cabin. It really is my best place on earth.

Monday, June 14, 2010

*That* feeling…

I woke up this morning feeling *it* - that feeling of anticipation of an unknown fantastic thing winging its way to me… I’m not certain what it might be, when it might arrive or how it will impact my life, but I know it’s on the way.

It feels like Christmas Eve – KID Christmas Eve… that excited anticipation that built in the base of my tummy and filled my chest with that fluttery feeling. The one I felt that I was absolutely certain would keep me awake all night. As a teenager it was the first kiss feeling – same thing – fluttery, nervous, excited.

As I have aged, the association has changed, but the feeling remains the same. I woke up with it – that excited tickle in my tummy… fluttery in the chest (no, it’s not a heart attack happening) my gut warm with anticipation and excitement. It’s now just before 8 AM and I am scheduled to work a 6 hour shift today that will start at 9:30 and keep me out until around 4:30 this afternoon.

When I finish typing and posting this I will take Jasmine out for a walk before I get ready for said shift of work. After work, I have a list of errands I need to run – I need an extension cord (so that I can run the weed-eater I bought Saturday 9and mow down the jungle that has become my little back yard) and some oil for my car… some groceries – and I am certain there are other things I need to go get and do as well.

I haven’t felt it in some time – since before I left Jersey, come to think of it. I will carry this feeling all day today - it will probably get bigger as the day rolls on - until the news / message / thing / person or whatever it is that is on its way to me makes itself known.

I love this feeling.

Big or little, I can’t wait to find out what it is!