Monday, June 14, 2010

*That* feeling…

I woke up this morning feeling *it* - that feeling of anticipation of an unknown fantastic thing winging its way to me… I’m not certain what it might be, when it might arrive or how it will impact my life, but I know it’s on the way.

It feels like Christmas Eve – KID Christmas Eve… that excited anticipation that built in the base of my tummy and filled my chest with that fluttery feeling. The one I felt that I was absolutely certain would keep me awake all night. As a teenager it was the first kiss feeling – same thing – fluttery, nervous, excited.

As I have aged, the association has changed, but the feeling remains the same. I woke up with it – that excited tickle in my tummy… fluttery in the chest (no, it’s not a heart attack happening) my gut warm with anticipation and excitement. It’s now just before 8 AM and I am scheduled to work a 6 hour shift today that will start at 9:30 and keep me out until around 4:30 this afternoon.

When I finish typing and posting this I will take Jasmine out for a walk before I get ready for said shift of work. After work, I have a list of errands I need to run – I need an extension cord (so that I can run the weed-eater I bought Saturday 9and mow down the jungle that has become my little back yard) and some oil for my car… some groceries – and I am certain there are other things I need to go get and do as well.

I haven’t felt it in some time – since before I left Jersey, come to think of it. I will carry this feeling all day today - it will probably get bigger as the day rolls on - until the news / message / thing / person or whatever it is that is on its way to me makes itself known.

I love this feeling.

Big or little, I can’t wait to find out what it is!

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