Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two To Go... A Little More Feng Shui

The afternoon before last I tackled the outside storage locker. All tidied up and organised. The only items truly left to tackle now, in my quest for Feng Shui de-clutter, is my office and my clothes cupboard. I sorted through everything in there EXCEPT the clothing.

Tonight's challenge...? I need to choose, and then tackle, one of these two spots in my home. The clothing cupboard really won't take too long, to be honest. I'm pretty good at selecting the "get rid of" items and then sorting them into "garbage" and "donate" bags. The office will take MUCH more time and effort in that I need to review the books and all of the files and then organise the "closet" (door STILL not installed *sigh*) and generally weed out the non-essential items for shredding and eventual removal.

In looking at the two in question, I think the plan should be to complete the clothing closet portion and then start in on the office stuff. Then I could, should I choose to, continue in on the office portion tomorrow and Saturday night and complete it all by Sunday.

Sounds like a plan!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday - the BEST day of the week?

Last Monday I got a phone call from my brother telling me that he and his girlfriend are engaged - yes, that is my great news from last week. I am thrilled about this for a whole pile of reasons - not the least of which is that his fiance is an amazing and brilliant woman and she makes him HAPPY. This makes me, and the whole rest of my family, Very Happy Indeed.

Pretty awesome news! They will be getting married about this time next year - I'm fuzzy on details, but heck, they haven't even been engaged for two whole weeks yet, so fuzzy is, I think, all I'm going to get right now.

Tonight I got another piece of Very Happy News. A new friend of mine has been undergoing fertility treatments and yesterday they (she and her hubby) went to Victoria to have a Harvest (which puts me in mind of farmers wearing coveralls and carrying pitchforks, but never mind that)

Anyhow, tonight I spoke with her and not only did they manage to successfully harvest 7 eggs, 5 of them have proven viable and been fertilized!


Next up is that, in a couple of days' time, they will go back down to Victoria and two of those fertilized eggs will be implanted - the other three will be frozen until such time as they need those ones - either in the case that this implantation doesn't take, or in the case that it does and in a couple of years time they follow up Baby Number 1 (and 2?) with younger siblings... In any case, this is positive news and yes, I heard it on a Monday!

I may have to re-evaluate my thoughts about good things and Mondays!