Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two To Go... A Little More Feng Shui

The afternoon before last I tackled the outside storage locker. All tidied up and organised. The only items truly left to tackle now, in my quest for Feng Shui de-clutter, is my office and my clothes cupboard. I sorted through everything in there EXCEPT the clothing.

Tonight's challenge...? I need to choose, and then tackle, one of these two spots in my home. The clothing cupboard really won't take too long, to be honest. I'm pretty good at selecting the "get rid of" items and then sorting them into "garbage" and "donate" bags. The office will take MUCH more time and effort in that I need to review the books and all of the files and then organise the "closet" (door STILL not installed *sigh*) and generally weed out the non-essential items for shredding and eventual removal.

In looking at the two in question, I think the plan should be to complete the clothing closet portion and then start in on the office stuff. Then I could, should I choose to, continue in on the office portion tomorrow and Saturday night and complete it all by Sunday.

Sounds like a plan!

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