Monday, June 28, 2010

Eleven Months, Fourteen Days…

It’s been *almost* a year since my move back to Canada – eleven months, fourteen days, to be exact. It’s been eventful, different, frustrating, exciting, happy, sad and fulfilling.

The same, but different.

Jersey was a fabulous place to live – and I miss it VERY much – the place AND the people. I’d like to start planning a trip back over, to be honest. When to go, where to stay, all of that stuff.

Hard to fathom, but this is the longest I have gone and NOT flown somewhere in almost 12 years now. In August of 1998 I made my first trip out to Toronto, my pre-reporting trip, as a matter of fact. From there, I flew home usually every six months for my vacations. When I moved to Jersey I also flew home a couple of times for vacation… my flight back here to Canada, in July of 2009, was the most recent trip on a plane and I’m starting to feel the wanderlust tickle at me again.

So I want to take a trip out to Jersey to see all of the friends I haven’t seen in a year, to see the Island I left behind and to wander and explore.

Wanderlust is a funny thing. When in the middle of all of the travel all I wanted was to settle in one place and “live.” Now that I’m settled and living, I want to go on a trip. Have some excitement. Fly business class, and stay in a fancy hotel for a few days… OK, yes, that’s a high draw!

Ooh – and maybe go to a spa…

I wonder if maybe this is a partial product of the full moon the other night. Maybe it’s a product of the loss of my Grannie. Or maybe it’s just a simple product of my need to have things constantly flowing and evolving…?

Maybe instead of planning a trip somewhere, I should just rearrange my furniture…? It would be cheaper, and not cost me vacation time…

Ooh! MAYBE I should talk some of my friends from far away to just come here to see me instead!! Now THAT sounds like a better plan!

Alright - all you Jersey Beans out there – start planning your trips!!

I miss you all!