Friday, February 24, 2012

So Much for Yard Work!

It was, truthfully, looking a little like it wasn’t going to happen today anyhow – I went to bed with a sore throat & some achiness and woke up with said sore throat and achiness with a stuffy nose thrown in for good measure.   Inconvenient, to be sure, but not show stopping. 

Mother Nature, however, has put in her two cents and….  Yard work will not be taking place today.

Snowflakes - big ones!

Yup - looks like it might be sticking...

Hey - the weather forecast says that
it is supposed to be raining right now! 
I can’t get too upset – it is still only February, after all!

With love across the waters,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yard Cleaned, Piles Gone!

Well, my birthday was this Sunday just passed & as a treat to myself, I took this week off of work to have a bit of a break, do some visiting and some general puttering around the yard, provided the weather co-operated with me and my plans.

Sunday morning I headed down to Nanaimo – birthday lunch with Mum, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa at Rob, Carrie & Finn’s house. A GORGEOUS Mummy-made chocolate cake with chocolate mint icing.  Ok, before you have a big cringe at all of that chocolate, this has been my special birthday cake since forever – I can’t remember ever having anything else as my birthday dessert.


I spent that night down at Mum & Dad’s house and then on Monday Dad & I went to Grandma’s old apartment and did the final clean out on it – some vacuuming & general cleaning and tidying in order to release it back to the property management company.

Tuesday I came home by way of a stop in with Carrie & Finn.  My poor little nephew has a bit of a snotty nose and some aches right now so although he was gorgeous and charming, I could tell he wasn’t his normal self.  Poor monkey!

When I got home Tuesday afternoon it was to find that there were NO MORE PILES OF DEBRIS anywhere around my home. Dave and crew were in over the Sunday/Monday when I was gone & they cleared out ALL of the piles – meaning that they got rid of all of the branches and tree trimmings and also did a dump run and got rid of the general piles of crap that were accumulating. They even raked the ground around where the piles had been!

Front of the house - no more pile of tree!

Back fence - all the branches are gone!

Holy smokes - I can open the gate again!!

All the logs are gone!

The ugly swing chair - also gone!!!!!
Yesterday, first “full day off” for me, I did a little bit of running around and then came home and started pulling leaved and debris out of the front flower bed – mostly spent the time pulling dead leaves and twigs out from between the flowers that are cropping up out there.

Last night I had a GORGEOUS dinner at Martine’s Bistro in Comox with some of the ladies I work with.  YUM.  Early night for me last night and then today I was up early-ish and did some more running around. Of prime importance on my personal list of things to do today was to get a wheelbarrow.

Once home, I puttered in the kitchen a bit – made some soup, baked a pan of gingerbread and had some lunch.  The rest of the soup is now cool enough to portion off & freeze and the gingerbread is now ready to be iced.  After lunch was done I changed into clothing I didn’t mind getting filthy in & headed outside to work on today’s project: clearing the rest of the front garden bed. 

There was close to 8 wheelbarrow loads of grass, leaves, rocks and gravel to remove – all of which went over the embankment across the street.  I’m told by my neighbour that it’s OK and everyone does it… I didn’t want to send all of the tree branch debris and shrub trimmings down there (all that wood, all dried out in the summer, could be a bit of a fire hazard) so it was shipped off… but all of the rocks and gravel went over the edge.  I figure that since it won’t burn AND it will help shore up some of the sides, it’s a good contribution to the embankment.

All the ugly white rocks are gone & now the front garden bed
is ready to have my Coral Bark Maple planted...
 With 4 days left of this week off, I’m thinking that, if I get clear enough weather to do it, I’ll rake up the rest of the leaves from the back yard and pile them up. Also, if the weather holds AND I can get help from one with a truck to help me get lumber pallets, well, I may even manage to get that compost bin built.  I forgot to get the stucco wire from Dad, but getting the frame in place would be a good start…

For now, though, I’m going to make a hot cup of tea and relax a little on the sofa.

With love across the waters,