Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Continuing Adventures of Mushroom Fence

Mushroom Fence has been at it again…

This past week was a busy one at work – we had a Monstrous Monday that was followed up by a Terrible Technology Tuesday, and then a Woefully Wicked Wednesday… yes, I am allowing my dramatic side a little free reign here.

Anyhow, suffice it to say that the first half of the week was challenging.

Thursday I had a really great interview for a job I have applied for (still within the company I work for) and then Friday, though long, was really just a day to be gotten through.

As the week was going on, I knew there was fence activity afoot – but until Friday morning I really had no idea just how much.  I get out of bed when it is dark, am quite often leaving for work while still dark and then getting home when dark.  Imagine my surprise on Friday morning (when I had a later start) and I looked out into my back yard to see, well, PROGRESS…

My Good Neighbour Rob was out having his morning cup of coffee and finishing off framing in the forms in order to pour the retaining wall!

I got home around 7 last night and so didn’t see how it all turned out, but when I went out today, well, it looks wonderful – and lo and behold – the fence is almost done!

Anyhow, here is the progress thus far:

Initial stages - line set and old fence down

Jasmine checking out the progress
Old fence pile
First section in place!
Forms built, concrete poured and posts in place!
Second section and a GREAT privacy gate!!

Tomorrow looks to be a clearer day, and, if so, I’ll have to get out there myself and get a dog poo patrol of the yard done, and then maybe get the small fir-like tree dug out so I can move the pile of dirt over to where I will put the final raised bed… This year I will put the tomatoes in there and plant peas and beans in the side bed… the garlic is coming along nicely and so I just have to figure out my “what else”… Carrots, lettuce… I am definitely going to do Russian Blue potatoes again… Ah… thoughts of spring!

With love across the waters…