Friday, May 14, 2010

My Dog Skip(s)

Jasmine doesn't skip - she prances. She trots. She races around in circles at speeds that make me dizzy. She plays wildly with other dogs when she has the chance and she lies prone on the floor, my bed, sofa, my lap and in the back seat of my car... but she does not skip.

Jasmine, an 11 month old Belgian Shepherd (the specific line is called Groenendael) is the centre of my world. She's sweet and energetic and VERY smart. A little *too* smart at times, to be honest.

I am taking dog obedience classes. Jasmine comes along to keep me humble. Last Thursday night, promptly at 6:30 class started - with Jasmine making friends (read playing wildly) with another pup in the class. HIS owner had his collar properly secured. I pulled back on her collar, she wriggled a bit and then whoops - she was off and running WITHOUT a leash or collar attached to her.


I shouted.

I yelled "JASMINE - COME!!!"

I whistled.

I yelled "JASMINE - COME!!!"


A few times.

We had a great class that night. The lesson...?

The "come" command.

As I said, she keeps me humble.

Once we finish basic obedience (which is, truthfully, for the owners much more so than the dogs) we will take advanced obedience classes. My hope is to eventually do agility training with her - and tricks. This breed, like most herding dogs, NEEDS stimulation and loads of exercise. Agility will give her both.

I am being reminded that it's now past time for a walk and I had best get myself up off this chair and out the door with the gorgeous dog.