Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feng Shui Consultation #3: The Back Yard… An Update

Today is Easter Sunday and, despite the weather (overcast and a little drizzly off and on,) I have managed to start work on some of the changes to the back yard and office.

The morning (after breakfast, of course) started with a dog walk. Jasmine’s stitches appear to be healing well and though she is still licking at them a little, I think she is now “out of the woods” where the actual worries about her ripping them out are concerned.  Off leash walking is still out of the question for another (long) week and a half, but last night I slept in my OWN bed once again (whew – my back was starting to object) and tomorrow I will go back to a normal work-day schedule and not try to zip home at lunch to check in on her.

ANYHOW… after breakfast and a walk, I headed to the Anderton Nursery.   There I picked up some hanging baskets and a small Bay tree in order to start work on the changes and cures for my back yard.  The Anderton Nursery (which is linked to the Anderton Therapeutic Gardens Society) does not have a web page of its own that I have been able to locate - I have linked in to the Therapeutic Gardens for reference and location. 

The back area of my car, not being large enough to house the spoils of more than one garden store / nursery at a time, required that I head home and unloaded these purchases before heading out for my second trip on the day.

The second trip out was to the local Home Depot, where I picked up some container potting soil and a couple of large-ish containers in which to plant my shrub-trees for my back patio.  I didn’t spent much time at Home Depot today and so will have to head back – I also need to get my hands on some more picture hooks, a stand of some sort (for the bare corner of my home office) and, potentially, a bistro set for my patio.

The second stop (in the second trip out) was at Art Knapp’s, where I found a sun / moon motif for my back fence (I had seen it there a couple of weeks ago and went back to collect it) as well as a nice red plant pot and a trailing plant for upstairs in my home office. In the sunshine the copper will shimmer like fire.

Home again, I re-potted the two shrubs, the Bay Tree and the vine into their new containers and then proceeded to hang the sun / moon motif as well as the three hanging baskets.

So far I am satisfied with the results:

The office will be my “evenings” project for the next couple of weeks and the bistro set and more patio planters and plants will come as the month wears on.

With love across the waters,