Monday, November 10, 2014

More Progress in the Kitchen

Some recent posts about my Kitchen updates along with the introduction of my Red Wall show the point from where where I started my kitchen updates and also discuss some of my future plans (including peeling up the vinyl tile - which is my next big kitchen-related project) and the steps I am taking to get there.  These last few days I have been working on getting the rest of my kitchen painted.  This needed to include (imperfectly) taping and filling in the former doorway into the laundry room.  A couple of days ago I got started and today I finished the painting... for now.

A former doorway

Ready to tape off in preparation for

After being painted in "Pita Bread" I decided to change it up - the
red is called Apple A Day... Definite food theme for the kitchen!

Ugh - I needed to move all of this stuff away from
the wall in order to primer and paint...

Stuff moved, floor washed (it was gross back there)
and primer coat on and drying
I should note here that the primer/sealant I used is one that also has a stain and mildew blocker.  It costs more to purchase, but when dealing with an old house it is always better to be safe than sorry.  I do not know what kind of paint I was covering - oil based quite possibly - and with that in mind, I would always recommend paying a little more to purchase THE RIGHT product for the needs of the job at hand.
Look at all that red!

Look - no more doorway!

Wow - does that ever look CLEAN!
Now... I also hinted at a new acquisition for my kitchen... I was using a table in my kitchen that was utterly impractical for my needs - it was a round, drop-leaf table that took up too much room to be useful... so yesterday when I was out and about, I stopped in at one of my favourite local furniture places - Anmarcos... and lucky me, they not only had something perfect for my space and needs, but also made of solid wood AND I was able to buy it without the matching chairs.  Oh - and a small added bonus, they are having a tax-free event!  The stars were totally with me on this one!  Check out my new table!

Ooh - isn't it pretty!

But wait!  You mean it has an inset leaf?

Yup - it folds right down INTO the table's underside!

And when in the smaller size it is PERFECT for my kitchen needs 

It tucks in perfectly to where I need to have it (until I build cabinets on this wall!)
So... 2014 vacation time has drawn to an end - that means that my next projects will need to be completed on weekends and on into the 2015 calendar year for the bigger ones.  I'm hopeful I can remove the vinyl tile squares before the new year, I will also be having the rest of the windows in my house replaced with vinyl windows. In the spring, the mud room (you can see the doorway into it tucked into the corner between the red walls) will be converted into a proper pantry - thus adding yet more storage (of a totally practical nature) to my kitchen area.

Additionally, I'll be looking for quotes for contractors to build in a stairwell up into my attic in order to allow me to build upward - I'm thinking a bedroom (or two) as well as more storage.  I'll be looking to have dormer windows installed as well - so that will be a much longer duration project - but there will be, no doubt in my mind, all sorts of learnings of what to (and not to) do when completing renovations.

With love across the waters...