Sunday, March 8, 2015

More on the Floor

Saturday is always a great day for me where getting stuff done is concerned.  Maybe it is because I send all week at work wishing I was home doing those things and so have all sorts of energy to put into the things I thought about all week.

The big project for me this weekend has been the floor in the kitchen.  I started my Saturday by getting things tidied away and getting laundry and dishes done.  After a trip into town to get potting soil and sea soil, I got to it in the kitchen. 

First things first – get everything out of the kitchen

OK, Really, I just pushed it out of the way

Then set up my Workmate and get my tools together.

Pretty simple, really.  This is all you need.
Except spacers.  Spacers would have been useful.

So all you do is score the plank with the exacto knife

And then bend it until it snaps
If, however, you don;t score it properly
You will need Kleenex and Band-aids...
And then…. Well… here is what I managed to accomplish on Saturday:

Two rows in - right away I had to cut around a heat vent

Almost to the half-way point

Half way point reached - time to move the
crap to the other side of the kitchen

Tools and supplies moved, time for a walk

This was where I started to make measuring/cutting
mistakes - time to quit for the night
Today (Sunday) Once I stretched out the stiffness (there isn't much that can be done to stop from stiffening up when you spend hours crawling around on your hands and knees and you are pushing and tugging things into place.  It took a little doing to loosen up, but once I did, I got to work and finished laying out the flooring.

This was a miss-cut piece for around the heat vent
I swore.  A lot.

Re-cut and installed around the vent

Looks good, right?

Time for trim and mouldings.

All back in place and now it is time
to get ready for the week ahead.
I left things as they were in the kitchen and went into town and picked up some floor moulding and trim so I could finish the space out, but once home I decided that taking Jasmine for a walk would be an hour well spent.  So I walked the dog and then proceeded to tidy things up, put things away and start dinner. The moulding can wait until next weekend - I'm satisfied with what I accomplished this weekend!

With love across the waters…