Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Steps

No, not a post about my gorgeous, wonderful and genius nephew Finn... he is, after all, only 5 weeks and 3 days old.  Walking at this stage of the game would be utterly miraculous - and probably a little scary for his parents!


This is a post to let you know that I am now making progress in baby steps toward my move.  Today I booked the movers (and I HIGHLY recommend that, if you are located in the Comox Valley, you give Courtenay Transfer (they do not have their own web page but ARE in the yellow pages) a call for your next move. The estimate was thorough and professional, and I was left with a feeling of trust and confidence.  

AND their quote (which is a firm rate) came in over $300.00 LESS than the other guys!!

Terri Perrin (from Fine Art of Feng Shui) was also over today to have a preliminary visit surrounding her review of my new place and her new process. She received permission to include my house in her training course as a case study, and I am very much looking forward to being able to share my thoughts about her new process with you.

The rest of my day was spent in study.  Some on-line work and a practice test (once again showing that I have a LOT of work to do on this course between now and Tuesday night) followed by making up flash cards for the stuff I REALLY need to cram into my head.  Dinner (and yes, a cider tonight) and now am planning to finish my day off with flash cards in the bath tub followed by bed and sleep...

My night life is so exciting!!

Tomorrow promises to be action packed and, hopefully, filled with more of the cramming of stuff into my noodle for this upcoming exam.  I'm probably going to have to be a little scarce until the exam is done, but when I was out for my bike ride in the early morning hours this morning, I was shat upon by another owl (??!!!) and so considering the sheer great luck and happenings the first owl-crapping brought me, this one promises great good stuff too!

With love across the waters,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Panic Sets In...

Ok - so tonight I signed the final paperwork for the house purchase - the deal is done, and I take possession on the 26/27 of September.

Panic has now set in.  I started thinking of what I need to do, and how quickly I need to do it:

  • I need to study because:
  • I need to write (and pass) my IFIC exam - that's in a week.
  • I need to arrange movers
  • I need to give notice to my landlords that I am moving
  • I need to contact all of the utility companies
  • I need to review my budget - CAREFULLY
  • I need to figure out how to get a new hot water tank & toilet so that they can be installed some time immediately after I take possession (and that will require a plumber)
  • I need to find a plumber
  • I need to pack
  • I need to submit address change forms
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  A good overwhelmed - but still a little overwhelmed!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

They're Plums!

I was out to the house today to forcibly remove tent-caterpillar-infested branches from the pear and apple trees... I also wanted to pick some of the cherries - thinking that I would get a good bunch of them.

They aren't cherries!  They're plums!  Mum thinks they are Damson plums - they are small, with red/yellow skins and yellow flesh.  They are the size of large cherries & very sweet.  I denuded 3 branches and filled my container completely.  The tree is still COVERED in them and I will need to remove a LOT more in order to be certain the back yard doesn't end up being a mass grave for plums and a breeding ground for wasps (and an attraction for bears, come to think of it!)

I'm thinking I will half & de-stone them and then just freeze them until I can make time to make jam... I need to look up recipes for Damson Plum Jam!

And really, I *should* be studying!!!

With love across the waters,