Sunday, August 21, 2011

They're Plums!

I was out to the house today to forcibly remove tent-caterpillar-infested branches from the pear and apple trees... I also wanted to pick some of the cherries - thinking that I would get a good bunch of them.

They aren't cherries!  They're plums!  Mum thinks they are Damson plums - they are small, with red/yellow skins and yellow flesh.  They are the size of large cherries & very sweet.  I denuded 3 branches and filled my container completely.  The tree is still COVERED in them and I will need to remove a LOT more in order to be certain the back yard doesn't end up being a mass grave for plums and a breeding ground for wasps (and an attraction for bears, come to think of it!)

I'm thinking I will half & de-stone them and then just freeze them until I can make time to make jam... I need to look up recipes for Damson Plum Jam!

And really, I *should* be studying!!!

With love across the waters, 

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