Sunday, November 14, 2010

And Oh, What a Week it Has Been!

I have been having the most wonderful of weeks catching up with friends, shopping and just generally relaxing. It’s been pretty blissful! Friday I had another visit with my former landlords, lunch with another friend and then drinks that took me until time for sleeping. Yesterday (Saturday) I had nothing huge planned… a casual lunch with friends and then, to be honest, I had to start thinking about packing.

Most of the packing done I had a light dinner and then, to my happy surprise, some friends showed up at the hotel to have a goodbye drink with me! Yay! I kept the intake to a reasonable amount last night and woke this morning without a headache OR a tummy ache… showered and breakfasted, I’m all packed up and ready for today.

Today’s adventures include Sunday lunch with friends here in Jersey followed up with visiting… then I head over to the ferry terminal and prep for my return ride to Saint-Malo. I have been watching the weather forecasts this week with a vast amount of interest (as I really do not want a repeat of the ride in) and today’s shipping forecast is for slight seas.

I really must find out what the terminology means. Evidently the seas can be anywhere from calm to mild to slight and then rough has a number of definitions… moderately rough, rough, and very rough. I’m assuming it has something to do with the size of the waves, but honestly, as long as I make it across and the ride isn’t as jostly or bumpy as the ride in was, well, I’ll be happy!

I have, though, just in case, bought anti-nausea medication to be taken 2 hours before sailing…

Tonight I am overnight in Saint-Malo again and then tomorrow I start back off to Paris.

With love across the waters!!

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