Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Afternoon at Piper's Lagoon Park

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here on Vancouver Island and, with the convenience of a low tide in the middle of the day in mind, I decided to take Jasmine to Lagoon.

Some history... my grandparents built our cabin in the 1940's when he came home from overseas (WWII.) My Dad grew up spending his summer vacations down there, and so did my brother and I. Now that we're adults, we spend as much time there as possible - but, of course, work *does* get in the way of being able to spend ALL summer at the cabin.

Jasmine had, until yesterday, not yet been introduced to either the cabin or rowboats. Since my brother and his girlfriend were down for the night, I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring her down and, with assistance, introduce her to the whole experience.

Since the tide was out we walked across.

Mental note - the oyster shells are almost too numerous to manage. With one cut foot pad (Jasmine's, not mine) I need to look into doggie gumboots. I wonder if Bosley's carries those??

Anyhow, we slowly made our way across and, upon arriving at the cabins, I noted that my cousin was down and in his cabin - so we went to sit on the beach and visit for a while. Jasmine, released from her leash, proceeded to explore the beach and surrounding area at will.

Jasmine and I also went up onto the big bluff to explore the camas lilies that were blossoming, and have a quick wander around and snoop. The more interesting stuff she's exposed to the better her socialization is, and so I am working to expose her to as much new stuff as possible.

Over at our cabin, later on, we had a wander around & I got some interesting shots of logs and flora...

And, of course, Herself...

After loading her in, and seeing how she would be with him... My brother took us back across in the rowboat.

I guess all of the new sights and smells and running around did her in completely. I got her into the car, and within seconds she was asleep in her dog hammock. Home safe & sound, she ate her dinner and was then down for the count - I don't think I have ever seen her quite that tired and am looking forward to taking her back down to the lagoon next weekend for a couple of nights.

Have a wonderful week!

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