Monday, July 5, 2010


Oh how I LOVE to plan trips!

Not only does it mean I get to make lists (and subsequently cross things off of them when I complete the tasks) it also means that I get to plan and execute travel - which I LOVE to do!

The trip I am planning is for Paris and Jersey, and will take place in November if all of the things I am trying to organize come to fruition... Really, right now what I'm waiting for, is to hear back from work (telling me that yes, I can have the time off) then to hear back from my friends in Paris (France, not Texas) telling me that yes, indeed the dates will work for them, and finally to hear back from one more friend over in Jersey (Channel Islands, not New) telling me that schedules actually *will* work.

Once I have those cards in my hand I'll start booking things (flights, train tickets, hotels and so on) and getting excited.

In anticipation, today, I bought my Euros and ordered my Sterling cash.

Is it too early to start packing my suitcase now...?

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