Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Home – Feng Shui Update 1 - Addendum

Home from the Spirit Fair, I got changed, had some lunch and then went into the back shed, collected my work gloves, Japanese Pruning Saw and secateurs and headed to the front…

I only removed one of the two trees this afternoon – my Dad pointed out the other one is actually grown into hydro, telephone AND cable lines and I need to talk with BC Hydro before attempting to remove it.  So it got left alone.

But I thought you might like to check out the before and during pictures – I say during, because the other tree still needs to come out and much of the rest of the crap in there will also need to come out as well… but, since a picture says a thousand words, I’ll just share these with you:

Before the cutting-down of vegetation

Still some work to go, but mostly "after"
With love across the waters,

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