Thursday, December 1, 2011

Complaints and Compliments...

People have a habit of taking their anger and frustrations out on those who work in service positions – and they don’t seem to think twice about it. I work in a financial institution, believe me, I know!

This week a client I worked with brought me a card to say thank you for helping her with something and telling me that I had made a real difference to her – and that, in turn, made a HUGE difference to me – and now it has me thinking.

It’s simple for people to complain – and people complain easily and all the time.

Compliments? They are few and far between - but when they come in, they have a true and significant impact on the recipient – they are appreciated!

So… here’s my ask for you all today – if you are out and about and have a good client service experience, take the time to ask to speak to the manager and THANK them for the service – and name the person whose service made a difference - a simple act, that will take two minutes of your time will, I guarantee, make someone’s whole day brighter!

Think about it - we are never too busy to stop and complain. Why, then, is it that we always seem to be too busy to stop and make a compliment?

... And a really sweet little side benefit is that, having given a genuine compliment that will have a positive impact on someone else’s day, YOU will feel brighter and happier as well.

With love across the waters,

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