Friday, December 16, 2011

The Great Wallpaper Removal of 2011

Well, my week of vacation is quickly coming to an end, and I’ve finished everything I could wall-paper removal-wise...  Laundry room, kitchen, front bedroom, bathroom and living room wall-paper is all gone now, and all that is left is my bedroom (which is the least heinous of all I have found) and some bits that need to be cleaned up around light fixtures and electrical outlets – things I didn’t want water from the steamer dripping into.

So… the great unveil of what’s underneath?

Kitchen – before & after:
BLACK AND WHITE FLOWERS - everywhere... sigh
Hey - that looks like another window!
I may be doing more construction than I thought!

OK, the pink ISN'T better - but at least it's down to the bottom layer!

Laundry room – before & after:
Blue Flowers... 
No more blue flowers...
 Front bedroom – before & after:
Not one, but two different kinds of flowered paper...
WAY better!!

AND... it's really close to what I'm thinking of painting it anyhow!
Some WAY better, some not so much – but that’s what a good thick primer and light toned paint colour are for, right?

Next up? Some Feng Shui updates…

With love across the waters,

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  1. Wow, E! What a yeoman's task. Amazing (as always). xo