Monday, January 9, 2012

New Wood Stove - The During and The After... AH!

Well, the wood stove installation was successful and I now have my furnace turned off and a cheery fire burning happily away in my wood stove.

During... The guys arrived (a team of 2) around 1PM this afternoon and got started right away - one with unpacking bits from the truck and cutting up bits to go inside the house and then placing bits in the chimney and so on and so on.  The other guy got ladders set up and set to work on the roof.  

I took Jasmine out for a quick walk and when I came home the thought that struck me was that my house, from about a block away, looked like a giant house-shaped hookah pipe!

The Hookah Pipe
When I got back into the house, they had brought the stove in and were working on making connections between the chimney insert and the thimble - the insulated thing that goes through the hole in the fireplace.

Getting Closer!
Fairly soon after that, they were done and on their way.

I ran out, located some wood I could burn (at Home Depot - fairly inexpensively, until my lumberjack friend brings me wood and cuts down my tree...) and 45 minutes later (I had no newspaper with which to start the fire so I used my shredding bin material - which I will most definitely use again - it worked a treat!) and much blowing involved, I had a little fire going.  

A Little Fire Started...
It's now about 3 hours after that and I have a warm and cheery fire burning brightly, I have the wood out of the bags and neatly stacked on the hearth for quick use and the stove has warmed up enough that the blower has even kicked on!

Warm and cheery fire burning bright.  Hearth and environs decorated once more...
I can foresee many comfy evenings spent reading happily in front of the fire...

With love across the waters,

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