Sunday, August 24, 2014


I am a fan of lists.  All kinds of lists. Lists of things to buy when shopping. Lists of projects for the house.  Lists of vegetables I like and want to plant and grow.  Lists of books to read. Lists of things to complete on weekends – this one is also known as the “to do” list.

I was thinking about something yesterday morning, you know, while working on my weekend “to do” list. One list I don’t have, and have never thought to have, is a “to be” list. This one, I think, is a much harder list for people to make. A list of things I want to be. I also believe that this list evolves as we do... so this is an ever changing, expanding and contracting list...

Maybe now is a good time to make that list – or to at least START that list.
·         I want to be…….. healthy
·         I want to be…….. slim
·         I want to be…….. pretty
·         I want to be…….. strong
·         I want to be…….. patient
·         I want to be…….. happy
·         I want to be…….. productive
·         I want to be…….. kind
·         I want to be…….. deliberate
·         I want to be…….. gentle
·         I want to be…….. loving
·         I want to be…….. optimistic
·         I want to be…….. creative

Here’s the thing. In order to be all of these things – to be able to put all of these things out into the world – and to make the world a better place by being all of these things, I first have to learn how to be these things to myself.

With love across the waters…

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