Sunday, September 21, 2014

Red Wall Shelves - ALMOST There

This weekend – another glorious weekend weather-wise - I managed to get a few more things done around the house. 

Without my attention, the grapes were ripe and ready to harvest– so I picked them all.  Some of them I tried to make easy grape juice with (basically fill a canning jar with grapes, add hot water and water bath can process as normal. Over time the grapes will “disintegrate” into sediment, leaving the juice.) and I attempted to make grape jelly.  I don’t think the jelly will set – I will give it a week to settle and if it hasn’t set by next weekend, I will open the jars and re-process.
Half a Haul!

Draining the grape mash overnight

Grape Jelly - if it sets...

Isn't that pretty?

Next up was the kitchen shelving project. This is the project I picked up 2x6 cedar planks for a couple of weeks ago and then spent a week putting urethane coat on.  The urethane (Varathane brand) required 3 coats – two coats, a sanding and then a third top coat to make it pop.
Three Planks at a Time 
Freshly opened can

Oops... I need a smaller brush!

 Those planks, once the urethane was done, sat inside my house for a couple of weeks while I did other stuff – letting the coating really cure well before I started the next part of the project.

This project took place on the red wall.

Before starting I had to scrape this crud off the ceiling.
Thankfully it wasn't too hard!

Crud on the floor!

Top and bottom pieces in

Side pieces also now in

Not having supports of the right length required

Counter-height shelf in 

Almost there

Next steps, add doors!

There is still some work to do – the kitchen MUST be cleaned up before anything else today – but the doors I will build onto the shelves can wait a little until I have more material.  Thin plywood, hinges, pulls, and chain to be exact.  But all in all, this was a fun project and I’m looking forward to the next projects…

With love across the waters…

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