Saturday, November 8, 2014

Storage Wars...? Build Shelving!

As many of you know from my writings, my house is an older one (1896 build) and has some associated storage space issues. In the September time frame of last year I had some major renovations completed in the way of consolidating my laundry room and bathroom into one (much more practical) combined space.  The project ran over budget (no surprise - 1896 build, right?) and so at the time, instead of having my contractor build shelving into the space, I elected to purchase cheap (melamine construct) cabinets to be used until I could get around to putting in built in shelving.

This week has been "stay-cation" time for me and in between some awesome family time and some practical stuff (we are in the final stages of cleaning out my Grandpa's house prior to the final closing on the sale) I have been working (albeit slowly) on some of my "around the house" projects.

What I really wanted to accomplish this week off was to build linen storage shelving in my bathroom, paint the rest of the kitchen and start the (promised to be truly ugly) task of removing the vinyl tile from my kitchen floor in preparation for covering it with new flooring material.

Today I finished the shelves in the bathroom.  I should mention that I have also started the kitchen painting part - well, what I have done there is to tape and "mud in" the old doorway from the kitchen into what used to be the laundry room.  

Anyhow, here is the picture show of building shelves in my bathroom - commentary included.

First things first - assemble the supplies!

Cutting the shelf supports

Mitred back support

Supports all cut and ready to go!

Cutting the shelves - 1" x 6" fine cut cedar
beautiful grain AND smell!

double-sided tape makes installation easier
The double-sided tape held the supports to the walls and allowed
me to drill pilot holes and then counter sink all of the holes
and then screw the supports in place.  Excellent advice from my Dad!

The first support in place

Yes, I drew pencil lines on my walls

Making certain the shelf ended up level

All supports in place and screwed to the walls

The first shelf installed!!

Second shelf support screwed into place

All three shelves in place and ready to
load up with linens!

Ta Da!
With love across the waters...

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