Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Birthday and…. WINDOWS!

So this week has been another shortie at work – I try (every year) to NOT be working on my birthday – a personal birthday gift from me to me…

The universe also decided that this would be a great week to gift me with new windows!  The order had been placed a while ago - and since all of the windows were custom sized (old house, weird window sizes) it took a while for the manufacture to happen.  I got call last week saying they were expecting them in this week and could we get things rolling ASAP?


This round of windows finishes off a total window replacement for the house.  In addition to replacing all of the windows, I also wanted to have the sliding glass door totally replaced (it was old and opened from left to right…) in addition to all of this, I also wanted to take advantage of the work being done and have the window in the kitchen that had obviously been there one upon a time, put BACK in. 

This required a leap of faith on my part. The night before the installation was due to take place I worried. What if they pulled out the square of drywall and what was underneath was nothing but black mold??  I left for work yesterday just hopeful that things would go well.

I arrived home from work while it was still light enough to see what was going on, and promptly looked for the square of drywall they pulled out so I could see if there was any mold – NO MOLD!!!


This morning before I left the house for the day, I grabbed my camera and took a whole pile of pictures… so here is where things were this morning.
Stuff in the back yard

New bedroom window

Garden window - HUGE
Straight on the Garden window - back yard

Side profile of the Garden window

Back wall - new window in

What's this now...? 

Solid wood siding under the tar paper and vinyl siding...?
And today they spent the day finishing up the outside stuff and installing the sliding glass door. They put on more tar-paper before putting the (ugly) vinyl siding back on, and all of the windows are “blue-skin” sealed – meaning that it is totally draft-proofed now and also completely weather sealed.  Yay!

Huh.  There really IS no insulation in my kitchen walls!

May be thin, but dry as a bone and NO mold!
Old slider gone, checking out the next part...

Now how gorgeous is this?

Slider in and trim on, trim to be put on new kitchen window

Tomorrow will see the finishing off of all of the trim.  

If time permits, they will also be doing the big picture window in the living room – but that may be a bigger job than we thought, so it may be waiting until Monday…  All in all, a VERY great day… and I came home with the material to complete the flooring update for the kitchen – so once the dust has settled from the windows portion of my project work, I’ll be laying flooring – more to come for that one!!

With love across the waters…

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