Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pantry Project: Part 2

So today marked another full day of working on the pantry project - today's efforts included cutting and installing the studs (my brother cut the toe board for me yesterday) and the installation of the insulation and the vapour barrier.

Things I learned today:
1)    Construction is physically demanding work - perhaps even more so than demolition.
2)    Measure once, cut twice is NOT how the saying goes.
3)    Trying to hammer in nails sideways in between 16" studs where there isn't REALLY 16" to work with is difficult.
4)    Trying to hammer in nails when you have shoulder issues (bursitis?) is not only difficult, it is painful and can cause significant numbness.
5)    Using a drill and screwing the joists together is MUCH easier
6)    Insulation is easy to cut and easy to place in the wall cavities.
7)    Vapour Barrier (plastic sheeting) is NOT easy to install.  It is slippery, it moves around when you are trying to do stuff with it.

All in all, today was another successful day – but I have to admit, my shoulders are sore enough that I have booked myself a massage for tomorrow morning – before I go hunting for whatever it is I am going to install as wall and ceiling material.

Here are some pictures of today’s efforts:
Getting started

First things first

Studs all in

A little improvisation at the end

Holy smokes, this stuff sure puffs up

Not perfect, but great for the first try!

Fully insulated space now!

Next up? some sort of wall covering - not drywall.  Options must be explored!

With love across the waters…

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