Sunday, July 17, 2016

A New Window, A Whole New Look!

The front bedroom has been a dark and dreary space as long as I've had the house.  One single window, up underneath the carport overhang, and no overhead lighting.  the overhead lighting will be fixed with a MAJOR renovation to the bedroom side of the house - but not for a very long time as I am not planning to have anything major done to the house now for a few more years... well, except for the lottery win.  When I win the lottery, all bets are off LOL.

In any case, like the kitchen, I thought the addition of another window might make a massive difference.  So I called my friends at Got Gutters and they came out and gave me a quote.  Done!

In May, when the weather cleared up for a while, they came out and installed the window - and thus transformed a room that was dark and dreary into a very bright space!  And since it is the larger of the two bedrooms, once I had the window in, I decided a coat of primer to get rid of the yellow, and a light creamy paint tone (this colour is called Pita Bread) would make all the difference in the world.

No longer a storage space come computer room, this is now my bedroom!

Here are some "before" shots - just so you can get a feel for the yellow...

Yup.  Dark and Yellow.

Notes to the contrator

The wall where the new window will go.
When I came home for lunch that day, this is where things were...

Already in!

Trim needed next
 And when I got home after work we have trim!

With trim... now to paint!
And that weekend I primer coated everything

Ready, Set,  Go!

Brighter already

Holy cats - what a difference!

Even the door got a coat!
And finally the paint and moving my stuff into that room!

Such a different feeling space

Light and airy - and did you notice?
More closet space!

It really is a lot bigger than it felt!

I still have multiple indoors projects - never fear - but these ones are more related to space-intelligent design for a small house.  Planning and posts around those will follow soon, I promise.  For now, I leave you with much...

With love across the waters...

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