Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunny Day and Nowhere to Go

OK, this is not strictly true – it is sunny, yes, but I do have somewhere to go... I had an invitation to go strawberry picking, the challenge to that is that I have an appointment here, at my home, at 11 am today to have my home Feng Shui’d – so I am staying in this morning.

I’m pretty certain there’s a better way to state that, but I haven’t yet had enough coffee to think it through.


Essentially what will happen is that the consultant (Her name is Terri) will come by around 11 and we will start by having a conversation about what it is that I hope to achieve in the next while. That in mind, we’ll walk through my home and she will make suggestions for things to be moved, added or removed from the place in order to positively impact the energy flow in order to bring about the things I am, well, the things I want to bring about.

I do know a little about Feng Shui (pronounced FUNg SHWay) and have practiced some of the aspects of it on a VERY amateur level for a few years now. Much of what it entails is opening up the space in question to allow for better air and energy flow – and that, usually, means some de-cluttering is involved.

My best GF reminded me last night, when I was telling her about my plans for today, that I actually don’t HAVE a lot of clutter because of my big moves of 2008 (to Jersey, Channel Islands) and 2009 (to Vancouver Island, BC) – both moves required me to find new homes for some of my stuff and so, while I have “stuff,” at this point in time, I probably don’t have “too much stuff.”

I have to agree with this statement – in fact, some of the stuff in my place is actually stuff borrowed from my brother in order to augment some things I actually don’t have.

So what do I hope to attract, remove or improve in my life…? (Yay – I get to use a list!! Hee hee hee) in no particular order, I’d like:

  • Career improvement. I’m currently working part time and want to have a permanent full-time position. Ideally, I want a job where I do not have sales targets. My ideal job in the world of where I work now is an operations officer role – investigations, research, day-to-day operational stuff, and some teaching. These are all things that excite me and I have my “eye” on the role – the universe just needs to make some shuffles in my workplace in order for this role to open up for me.
  • Money – tied to the career improvement will be improved cash-flow and the possibility opened up for me to….
  • Home – I want to own my own home again.
  • Love – yes, it’s true – I’d like to have a love relationship in my world. As I’ve aged & (ahem) matured, I’ve released a lot of my ancient baggage and unrealistic expectations (both of myself and of that mystery person) and I believe I am now ready to have him in my world… so I’d like to open up energy flows to attract that person.

Remember what I said a few posts ago about the definition of insanity being trying the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result? I recognize that moving a couple of pieces of furniture around isn’t the be-all-end-all solution to life’s problems, but I do (very strongly) believe that setting intentions and then working toward the goals with an open heart DOES work. So my first step THIS time, for attracting “NEW” into my world will include trying something new.

Happy Sunday!

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