Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feng Shui - An Unanticipated Side Effect...

As you know, I have been completing my tasks for de-cluttering around my home. A bookshelf here, a closet hidey-hole there. A couple of junk bins - ones that had managed to accumulate the mass of a couple of junk drawers, I imagine.

I have three small trash bags to drop in the rubbish tip tonight when I take Jasmine for her walk.

And I feel lighter.

I still have things to wade through - the closet and bookshelf in my office, the cupboards in my kitchen and then last, but certainly not least, the storage locker attached to my flat - but on the whole, as I continue the de-clutter process, I am feeling better.

Who knew? All it took was giving myself permission to throw some stuff away!

Happy Wednesday!


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