Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Sky

Spent a glorious weekend at the cabin & at my parents' place - only 4 mosquito bites! Unfortunately, they are salt marsh Mozzies and roughly the size of a small helicopter so I swelled up like a balloon where I got bit.
Ah well.
Home tonight. Unpacked the car & ate a junky dinner of A&W and then gave Jasmine a bath to wash off all of the salt she managed to acquire whilst playing in the salt chuck. Laundry started, i took her out for a walk and that's when I noticed the heavy hazy look in the sky line tonight. It actually reminds me of how the skies in Ontario felt just before a summer storm would suddenly appear, fill the skies with huge, heavy clouds, absolutely chuck-it down with rain and light bright with huge forks of summer lightning.
Will we have a storm here tonight? I'm not thinking it's likely - but I WOULD greatly appreciate some rain to bring down the dust that seems to be all over everything and maybe perk up my sad little flowers in my front flower bed.
Here's a quiet wish to the stars that we have some rain soon to freshen up our summer dusty world.

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