Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blessed Rain

Yes, it *is* Saturday. No, I do not have the day off today. Yes, this will be short.

We have been (with the exception of some sprinkles that really didn't count) living without rain for roughly a month now. Forest fires in the interior of BC are raging, and fire fighters are now being air-lifted into the "hot spots" to help combat the growing menace.

Bless those brave men and women and please keep them safe.

Yesterday afternoon light clouds started wending their way into the Comox Valley and by bed time last night they were becoming thick and heavy. I woke in the middle of the night to the whisper sound of rain falling. What a sweet sound!

We're told (by the Weather Network) that we should have rain pretty much all day today - a fact I am MOST grateful for. I know that isn't the popular feeling for those getting married outside today, but for me, after a month of praying for rain to help take down some of the dust and to cool off the air, well, I am terribly grateful.

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