Monday, August 2, 2010

Jewels and Esoterica

Today, while up at Mum & Dad's, I went over & spent a few hours with my Grandpa and visited over tea and conversation. Grandpa also asked me to pick out some things of Grannie's jewellery that I might like, and passed on to me much of the collected works of Grannie's esoteric studies over the years.
Looking through Grannie's jewellery made me feel, for all the world, like a child of seven looking through Grannie's magic jewellery box. OK, I know now it was never magic, but the feeling of wonder in looking through the collection of sparkly and colourful pieces sure made it feel like magic. I can still imagine an enchanted brooch of enameled leaves and flowers would, with the right words whispered to it, transport me to another world - like the children walking through the wardrobe into Narnia - only this was my own special magical world...
Still in my own special magic world, Grandpa pulled out the collected works and put them on the living room floor for me to look through... I started to look and was enchanted with what I was starting to see... bundled safely together to transport here, the works sit on the table in my office waiting for me to open and learn. What's in it? Oh Goodness - the magic of esoteric knowledge!
There is information on Vivaxis, letters written to her, in response to letters from her, requesting information. Collected journals from the British Society of Dowsers, manuals studying the Science of Man - but most treasured of what I have seen thus far is her hand-written notes - on so many different subjects... I read them over and I can here her voice in my mind telling me things, explaining things to me, laughing with me over things... sometimes just saying "Hello" the way she did when answering the phone. Such amazing knowledge she left behind - such an amazing gift Grandpa has given me.
I hope I use it well.

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