Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feng Shui Consultation – Planning for Number 3

It is still February. The ground is alternating between frozen and sodden and most of the time the skies are cloud filled and less than bright or blue. Except Thursday. Except Friday.

Days like Thursday and Friday of this past week, when the skies are bright blue and filled with sunshine make winter days, no matter how cold or windy, feel as though spring is on her way to us. Some flowers here, tulips and crocuses mostly, are starting to push through the soil (when they can) and remind us that Spring, is really not all that far away any longer.

It is great. Sunny days in February make people’s sap rise. Spring fever starts (just before spring actually arrives) and we start planning our gardens and spring wardrobes. I start to plan my spring-related projects.

This spring I plan to review my back and front yards and perhaps plant with a little Feng Shui in mind. The back yard will be an interesting challenge since it is also Jasmine’s run around area when I am home and she’s been thrown outside so I can do something inside that requires no doggie footprints. There are two small flower beds - one of which is holding tree branches galore from the big cedar tree behind my unit – branches that ended up in my yard during one of the many snow or wind days we had this winter. The branches and 200+ downed pine cones will need to be disposed of first (not certain where or how at this point) and the grass, which was dug out to make a trench when the yard flooded into my unit on Christmas Eve will need to be re-seeded.

Terri Perrin (from Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui) is holding a garden Feng Shui workshop in late March and I intend to attend this session. Once I have some of that in mind, I’m thinking I will book her to come over and help me plot out what might work and what might not work in this yard.

For now, though, I am going to go downstairs into my living room, I am going to sit on my sofa in the morning light and drink coffee and start to plan out my own personal spring.

With love across the waters,

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