Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fifty Kilometers

On Saturday afternoon I sent my “Live Right Now” check in to my mum – it was a pretty good week (if I do say so myself) and I had a recap of how I had done and then I went on to set a few goals for myself…
  • I was down two more pounds
  • I Walked 7 out of 7 days this past week for a total of 48.77 Km (hours total) & burned off 2976 calories (1 pound = 3000 calories) (damn – still under 3000!!)
  • I had one “blow it” meal this week but didn’t actually enjoy it as much as I thought I would.  Hm.
  • Continued with the vegetable goal
  • Made my own granola – from scratch
  • Made my own naan from scratch
So the goals I set for this week (the one currently in play) were to:
  • walk every single day for at least 1 hour (about 6Km) & aim for breaking the 50 KM mark
  • to do 10+ Km walks
  • have one “blow it” meal only
  • continue with veggies at every dinner & start including them for my snack at lunch for work (I didn’t succeed so well every day the previous week with this one)
  • keep on going with the no Tim Horton’s coffee
  • bake my own bread & maybe tackle something like meat loaf (which I have also never made)
Today is Thursday – and including today’s walk I’m most definitely on track to break my 50 KM goal.  What about the other things? I have done one of the 10+ KM walks (actually, it was over 11 KM) and will be doing the other one tomorrow. I had a “blow it” meal on Tuesday night – and yes, the dessert was awesome.  I didn’t count on tonight – a Feng Shui workshop at which there will be many nibblies of all kinds – but as long as I keep my meals under control I should be pretty good for sticking to a VERY SMALL portion of some sort of dessert. I baked a pan of gingerbread and just finished icing it...

Veggies are still a little bit of work to incorporate into snacks – I prefer fruit and yogurt to be honest, but am trying to have at least a half cup of extra veggies as part of a snack.

I baked bread – and tomorrow night I’m going to cook a pork roast and all of the trimmings – something I haven’t cooked before.  I’m not certain exactly *how* I will be preparing the pork roast – but I’ll be able to make that decision tomorrow!

I’m still succeeding where Tim Horton’s is concerned (no stops there this week) and I’m adding extra water to every day for drinking.

So all in all, I’m feeling pretty good about how this week has been coming along!

With love across the waters,

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