Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adventures in Plumbing - and Planning!


My marvellous team from KWA Construction got here after work tonight & started with draining the hot water tank. A process in itself since they needed to run a hose out of the house (through the mud room door)  While it was draining they replaced the toilet – and discovered I WILL need to have repairs done on the floor (sooner rather than later) as the floor has rotted out under the toilet.  It isn’t going to crash through to the crawl space any time in the immediate future, but it is definitely something that needs attention (after the front door and hot water tank walls have been repaired.

Toilet installed, they disconnected the hot water tank and started with moving it away from the wall and found out that… the pressure release line was releasing straight onto the laundry room flooring – NO DRAIN THERE AT ALL!

No wonder the wall is like it is!

Anyhow, the good news is that there is a line under the house (in the crawl space) that Kel can drill into to connect the pressure release line.  As a temporary stop-gap (for tonight so that I *can* have hot water for my shower in the morning, he had a look in the crawl space tonight & seeing it to be OK, drilled through the floor to run the drain straight into the crawl space for now. He will either come back tomorrow to run the line into the sewer pipe, or some time after the long weekend.  It’s just a measure taken to be on the safe side until the permanent solution can be put into place.

Oh – and when he cut through the floor – or, rather, floors – there were actually *3* sub floors below the floor that I walk on!!!

I took pictures – it’s pretty amazing!

Anyhow, they are now finished with the final installation for the hot water tank.  Lines are bled, tank is full and it's humming away making new hot water for me!

Next up, I'm getting quotes on replacement of the front door and the repairs of the floor.

Owning a home is, sometimes, more like being owned BY the home - with all of the maintenance and repairs needed - but this is a good thing - the house is mine, the results of the repairs benefit me directly and make life lived in my home that much more, well, special!

With love across the waters,

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