Saturday, October 1, 2011


Well hello there!  I'm back and all went well and smoothly with the move and release of the rental unit I was in.

Last Sunday I took Jasmine down to the breeder's home where she had herself a doggie vacation. I had an email from Terri (the breeder) that night telling me that she was settled in just fine and running around like crazy with all of the other dogs (6 of them, I think!) and having a ball.  I'm guessing she hasn't missed me at all... but I freely admit that I have missed her terribly this week while she's been away.

This week has been amazingly busy for me and, yes, though I have missed her terribly, it would have been a very stressful week for her, had she been here. People were in and out of both places frequently, I was away from the home for long hours at a time and when home, finally, I would have a bath and go to bed almost right away.

The move went well - the moving company did an absolutely fantastic job with everything!

I spent a couple of evenings having to do double duty - cleanup at the old place and a little unpacking at the new home.  Thursday night finished the last of that and then Friday I went, on my lunch break, to do the final walk through. Inspection passed, I headed back to work and training.  Friday night I came straight home for the first time, cooked some dinner and spent a few good solid hours unpacking before bed.  Same tonight.

I also got out into the yard to start hacking away at the very overgrown space back there.  The large sumac tree is dead and will come out, the smaller one, though alive, is also going to come out.  Sumac is a very invasive plant and sends runners out all over the place.  Left unchecked it takes over.  This one was most certainly left unchecked and started to do this.  While I haven't yet cut down the big tree (Dad's going to bring up his chain saw - yay) or the little one, I will get rid of it and then for the next number of years, continue to cut out the sproutlings.

Most of the boxes have now been unpacked and I've started the process of organizing what I have all over the place into actual living spaces.  I still have a long way to go, but I also, now, have all the time in the world.  it's a great feeling.

Tomorrow I have a day down island with my family - we're congregating at my brother's home and picking apples - once picked, we'll be juicing.  About 3 PM I'll head down and pick up Jasmine and then bring her home to our home.

Now... I have to tell you about the amazing generosity that I have been on the receiving end of lately.

Mum & Dad not only looked after the move for me, Dad spent some time setting up and repairing the yard gates for me, so that Jasmine will have a safe and fenced in yard to play in.

Yesterday, when I got home from work, I had the extremely touching experience of receiving a gift card for Home Depot from a friend of mine who lives in the US.  Thank you SO much Nancy!

And then today I had not one, but THREE wonderful things happen. At 4 my boss sent me home early - just because it was the end of the week and sunny. 

When I got home, I had received an email from Terri Perrin over at Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui letting me know she was ready to set up our next consult (in her new process) and could I call her.

While I *do* have a couple of large chunks of money coming in within the next couple of weeks, I don't know exactly when it will be arriving and so when I explained this to Terri she told me that she was so excited to be able to share the whole process with me that I could pay her once the money came in!  We're booked for Monday the 3rd!

Then, later on, I called Kel at KWA Construction to change the date that he and Roger will be coming in to install the hot water tank and toilet.  When I initially booked them, I had completely blanked on the dates and had booked him for Thanksgiving Sunday!  Mum & Dad are holding the family dinner on that Sunday and I needed to reschedule. When I spoke with him, we discussed possible dates to complete the job (later that same week - about a week and a half out from now) and I casually mentioned that, right now, the hot water is coming out tea coloured.  The hot water tank is 23 years old, after all! Anyhow, his demeanor changed immediately - this is an indicator that the tank is about to "go" and pushes this to urgent as opposed to important.  Anyhow, I told him the same thing I told Terri and he told me that I could pay him as soon as the money came in, but that we need to get the hot water tank dealt with as soon as it's delivered.

I am so very grateful for all of these wonderful people in my world.  

They say that what goes out there comes back to you threefold. All I can say is that I hope the universe is listening to my gratitude tonight - the kindness and care that I have been on the receiving end of this week has been utterly amazing and has filled me with joy. I sure hope that all of the givers out there receive back tenfold for their wonderful care of me!

With love across the waters,

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  1. Hooray and congratulations! Huge love from here to there. xo