Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Update Pre-Move...

I'm into the final crunch of the "pre-move" days - in fact, I *may* have my keys to my new house tomorrow, if all goes exceptionally well!  

I took Jasmine down to the breeder's house today for her week of boarding there - tough for her - she will spend the whole week running around and hanging out with 5 or 6 other dogs, of varying ages, who are JUST LIKE HER. She's going to have a GREAT week!

Home early this afternoon, I continue to plug away at packing - slowly.  I'm not in any huge rush to pack absolutely everything I own - I still have a couple of days until the move itself, and don't want to pack something I may need over this next 2 or 3 days. Tonight I'm doing scads of laundry - blankets, towels, clothing.  Tomorrow night I will do sheets and my duvet cover and that way, when i get up on Wednesday morning, I can easily fold it all up, stuff it into the space bag I have all ready and laid aside for that stuff and suck out all of the air.

The moving company rep will be over tomorrow to pack up the kitchen (and all of the rest of the breakables) and then tomorrow night I will pack some more.  At the very latest, I'll have the keys in hand after 9:00 AM on Tuesday and will, as soon as I have them, take some stuff out to my new house myself - plants mostly, but also some of the gardening tools and fooferah that resides in the storage locker.

So... tonight's is the last post for a little while.  Internet should be up and running in the house some time on Wednesday and further updates will happen later this week, once I have made a good dent on the UNPACKING part of this exercise and have the house somewhat to sorts and ready for Jasmine's return a week from today.

Until later this week, with love across the waters...

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