Friday, September 16, 2011

A Small "A-Ha" Moment and Day of Positive Accomplishment

During a text-message conversation late last night, a friend said something to me that gave me a second of pause, and a small "a-ha" moment. You know how you believe something, wholeheartedly, and yet sometimes still need to be reminded of that very thing? That is what this friend did for me. Thank you!! 

The exact wording is gone now (I deleted a bunch of texts on my phone) but it was truly along the lines of believing in something hard enough to make it be in real life. This friend has been using this with great success for some time, and, as you know, I have been following this principle for years now - most recently, of course, to get my full time job and home.

Feng Shui is one of the tools I use.  Creative Visualization is another.

This morning I woke feeling energized. I had had a great sleep last night and an actual sleep-in this morning - so my chi was high and sparkly when I finally decided it was time to get out of bed.  Today felt like a great day  when I got up - and it hasn't disappointed me in the least!

At 10:00 this morning, I had an appointment at the house with my Real Estate Agent and Contractor in order to get in and look at the immediate work that I need to do (the hot water tank and toilet) and to gather information to provide me with a quote for the costs.  At about twenty to 11 this morning I headed to my second appointment of the day - my lawyer's offices - in order to sign the paperwork to finalize my house purchase.

OK - papers signed (and there are a LOT of papers to sign!) I headed over to the bank to transfer the monies from my account over to the lawyer's trust account.  I had about a half-second feeling of squishy in my tummy over transferring the money out of my account, but VERY quickly got over that because really, this means I'm investing in me and my own future, as opposed to someone else's future. 

That done, the next stop was Slegg Lumber to arrange the purchase and delivery of my new front door, hot water tank, and toilet.  I managed two out of three as the door guys were off on breaks when I was in, so I went home and had some lunch and then dealt with paperwork. About an hour ago I headed back over to Slegg Lumber to talk with the door guys. Armed with this information, I need to have another conversation with my contractor in order to get a better idea of his costs for the door installation, and also to arrange for another visit to measure up the rest of the stuff needed before the door gets ordered - but since I'll be hearing from him in the next day or two about the quote for the toilet and hot water tank, I'll hold off until then.

Home again - and this time, I think, in for the rest of the day, I fiddled with some paperwork and then sat down on the computer in order to do some book-keeping, and while the book-keeping is a teensy bit stressful just at the moment (money is tight until October 7th when the new pay amount kicks in) it's a good stress.

Besides, going back to what my friend said to me last night, believing in something hard enough makes it happen in real life.  

I *believe* with every fibre of my being, that this move is going to be smooth and simple and well within my overall budget.

With love across the waters,

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