Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thoughts on Packing

Mainly my thought right now is a resounding and capitalized “Humph” though, having said that, packing is proving to be productive AND irritating.

My bedroom closet is done - and if you have seen the closet in question, you know it is the size of a small room.

Anyhow, I found not one but TWO pairs of gorgeous shoes that I haven't seen since I left Jersey (I must unpack better – I wonder what else I haven’t seen in 2 years?!) & also realized that I have LOADS of gorgeous work clothing... what I need to do, instead of buying NEW work clothing, is slim down appropriately in order to fit into the currently owned gorgeous work clothing!

Plus... maybe I need to go back to Jersey for another visit and get more shoes!

My Dad recently sent me a video from YouTube about packing a small carry-on bag for 60 days worth of travel.  Initially I thought “What a crock – that’s SO not possible!” and then watched it and thought “Hm.  That has possibilities.”

I tried it this afternoon with one of the suitcases – and fit MOST of my aforementioned gorgeous but too small work clothing into one carry-on sized suitcase. WAY more than what they packed into a knapsack-sized suitcase…

Following a short break (it was past time for a cold glass of water and a sit down) I was back upstairs and ready to go for round two – namely the office closet and book shelves… I didn't actually get that done though - cider, dinner and my computer got in my way... I did some FaceBook stalking (yes, I do that sometimes - it's bad, I know it, but hey - I am only human!) and have been generally f-ing around all evening. 

That's OK - through the week I’ll get that done and then pack up book and DVD shelves downstairs and take a good look at my stuff as I’m doing it to be certain it’s stuff I want to move as opposed to sell, give or throw away.

Some time this week I also need to hit a dollar store - I hear that they have those bags that you can put stuff into and then attach to a vacuum and suck all of the air out... I'm thinking those would be GREAT to use for the pillows and comforters (and blankets) I have...

With love across the waters,

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