Sunday, September 11, 2011

Packing. Packing, packing, and more packing.

So... guess what today's project is?

hee hee hee

Yes, today's project is to pack much of the upstairs bunff and, in the process, also to "let go of" a few more things.  When my brother moved down to Nanaimo, he took much of his stuff - and most recently, came up to collect his bed - leaving his former bedroom bereft of furniture - but in the process, also, making it the perfect staging area for the boxes that are packed upstairs.

I forgot how much I dislike packing.  I do, though, also remember how much I like unpacking - and since the move itself is now a scant 2 weeks away, well, I will just have to settle myself into packing and look forward to pulling it all out and unpacking as I go!

Something I have been thinking on, though, is the ghastly wall-paper that is everywhere (remember how I counted 10 different kinds? Here are pictures of 9 of them) The white in the dining room is actually textured and the kitchen and one of the bedrooms both have 2 different kinds. In the kitchen, the checkerboard stuff IS wallpaper and in the bedroom, the grey-blue is ALSO wallpaper... oh, and underneath the gold one in the hallway is another one that is stripey-shiny pink - that's the only one I spotted that you can't see.

Laundry Room

Front Bedroom

Back Bedroom




Dining Room
OK - so anyhow, what I was thinking (before I went off on the wallpaper tangent) was that I might just leave the bed not set up, so that I could take down the wallpaper and paint right away in the room I am planning to use as my bedroom... Jasmine will be out being boarded for that week when I am moving & it would be the perfect opportunity to get some of that initial grunt work done in (at least) one room before I go collect her and introduce her to the new home.

OK - I need to get back at the packing...

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