Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playing Catch-Up Post Head Cold

Ah yes, the dreaded head cold. It starts with a feeling that not everything is right with the world – sort of fuzzy in the brain with a side order of tired.

A week ago this past Friday it started – and I knew something was up when I realized, on the way to work, that I had completely zoned out while driving and ran a red light - lucky for me, my guardian angels were looking after me and there was no-one on the road to be put at risk by my lack of attention.

I left work around noon that same day and only finally made it back into the office yesterday – the following Saturday.  This head cold ran the short gamut from slightly sore throat to full-on laryngitis, clogged sinuses, coughing and sneezing – sometimes even accompanied by a bleeding nose from the aforementioned sneezing and coughing.


I’m feeling better – no longer contagious – but still stuffy and coughing and wearing out WAY too quickly to be considered normal.  I managed about 30 minutes of outside activity today – mostly chopping up already cut-down branches and then dragging them to the ever growing pile of yard waste that is waiting to be hauled away (once I am feeling better enough to participate in said activity)

So taking advantage of the restricted indoors time this week, I caught completely up on paperwork and filing that has been sitting in my top desk drawer since mid September.  I also re-arranged the office and sorted through some more items to try and get the office-come-spare-room into a more liveable space.

Wallpaper was ignored.

OK – wallpaper was sort of ignored.  I thought, finally, on Thursday, that I might have enough energy to maybe rent a steamer and have a go at removal of some of it in order to start seeing what might still be underneath – and also to allow me the chance to see just how much patching, mudding and sanding work might be required before I look to painting the space I live in with colours that might be more palatable to me.

Why Thursday? I went into town to the walk-in clinic to make certain I wasn’t carrying anything terrifically contagious (like the strep throat that has been cavorting around the Comox Valley) but by the time I finished a the walk in clinic (about an hour and a half after I got there – which was RIGHT at opening time – I was too wiped out to think about going to the tool place and renting the steamer.

I have some lovely, light, colours picked out for paint for the house. Two of the colours are ones I had and used in my house in Ontario – pale earth tones and yellow/golds. What I am thinking I will do is pick up some “tester” sized amounts of the paints I am thinking to use so that I can be sure that the colours I have picked will work for me for the spaces.

My highest priority space will still be the bathroom – have I mentioned the grey that is in there? Agh.  Just so you can see what I have to work with, here are some “before” pictures.

I had the light fixture replaced about a week and a half ago – just before I got sick – and the difference that just the lighting makes is pretty amazing. I got a little bored and did peel some of the wallpaper off – so it looks really grotty right now – I *may* just rent the steamer and get that particular space wallpaper-free sooner rather than later… primer and paint coats could be done in the evenings and the results would certainly be lighter and better than what it looks like…

Here are a couple with the new light – I’m not photographing well today – I can’t seem to do it justice, but trust me, three 100 watt bulbs shed WAY more light than one 38 watt bulb did!

Maybe, if I feel up to it tomorrow, I will rent a steamer for the day and tackle taking off that wallpaper…

With love across the waters,

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